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Art Workshops 2024

16th of March Stormy seas and skies in watercolour/Acrylics with Nick Dawe at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £65 to include materials.

You will explore how to create stormy seas and skies, with different techniques and colours. Please book via the book on line page

stormy seas.jpg

3rd of May - 7th of June Complete beginner's watercolour course with Nick Dawe at the Redding's community centre in Cheltenham 2.30-4.30pm. This is either a £25 deposit which covers the first lesson or pay for all 6 upfront and receive a 10% discount. This is only bookable by email

This course goes right back to basics and takes you through all you need to know to understand and paint with watercolours. 


4th of May Landscape painting in the impressionist style in acrylics with Richard Box at The Redding's Community Centre in cheltenham 10-4pm £65 plus £5 for materials. This is a two part course, although you don't have to attend both parts, its recommended. The second part is on the 22nd of June. 

Impressionism is continuing to be a very popular style of painting even though, as a movement it was short lived. Many artists, who were influenced by the style moved onwards and other movements like post-impressionism (e.g.: Cezanne and Van Gogh) and Neo Impressionism (e.g. Seurat and (Signac). 

On the first day you will start the course by copying an impressionist painting, which will be followed by working from a photograph of an actual landscape in that style. You will then discuss and choose which landscapes by subsequent artists you wish to copy and develop a landscape in their style for the second day. 

Every part of the course will be taught in a structured and step by step manner. Welcome are those new to painting and those who have been painting for a long time. This is a practical course but will also be interspersed with short slide shows to explain all these movements. 

Requirements: The acrylic paints, brushes and painting surfaces will be provided by the tutor. The approximate cost of these will be £5, payable to the tutor at the start of the course. 

Please bring protective clothing, two water pots and tissues. 

Impressionist landscape workshop .jpg

11th of May Paint a beautiful spring Magnolia in watercolours with Fiona Peart at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £75. Please book via the book on line page.

Suitable for all skill levels. The subject is a beautiful pink magnolia. You will be working on small sections at a time making this an ideal subject to learn edge control. Fiona will have a very easy way for you to create your line drawing, and you don't need to be able to draw! It's all about enjoying your day painting. She will demonstrate all the necessary techniques throughout the day to enable you to achieve a successful painting. You will be able to add more or less background leaves and perhaps a bud or two. 

flower painting in watercolour workshop

18th of May eye of the Tiger in acrylics with Nick Dawe at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £65 to include materials. 

Learn how to paint a tigers eye and the fur around the eye in this excellent workshop, a lot will be learned.  

1st of June Lake Reflections in watercolour with Catherine Beale, at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £75. Paint lake reflections in loose watercolour with best selling author and watercolourist Catherine Beale.

Create, loose, luminous watercolours as Catherine introduces you to her "gravity painting" techniques using a colourful lakeside scene from a photo that's provided. Learn numerous watercolour techniques from how to make and plan and tips on composition to trouble shooting and reviewing your work. Watch Catherine demonstrate how to pool paint in water to merge colours and create soft foliage forms and then try it yourself. Use fewer brushstrokes and creating hazy light effects from watermarks then add detail and learn to layer , lift paint off and alter tone. The day concludes with a review to revisit our masterpieces!

Materials list:

£2 to purchase a sheet of A3 rigid watercolour art board (which makes painting wet-in-wet easier

Wooden board to support work plus a tin/case or similar to tilt it up at the back. 

2B pencil and eraser

3 watercolour brushes: one large flat e.g. 1 inch flat, a smaller flat, a fine brush e.g. proarte prolene one stroke

water jar

kitchen roll 

Generous size palette with large wells

Tubed watercolour paint e.g. Winsor and Newton Cotman student colours or similar. 6 colours are suggested: 

Indigo, Turquoise, Violet/Mauve, pink/Alizarin crimson, Raw Sienna, Sap Green 

I can put together a hire box for the day from £10 which will include the brushes and paints 

lake reflections in watercolour workshop

8th of June Wildlife drawing in graphite with Jamie Boots at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £60.

Learn to draw a Meerkat in Graphite. 

Suitable for Beginner's to Advanced. 

On this one day course learn all about working with graphite pencil with experienced artist, Jamie Boots. Graphite pencil can be used to produce so much more than just a sketch. 

Jamie will show you that whether you are using a pencil that is blunt or sharp, pressing lightly or hard, or using a variety of tones, that the effect of fur, the texture of skin and the glassy look of an eye can be achieved. 

All materials are included. 


22nd of June Paint a landscape in the Impressionist style part two with Richard Box at The Redding's Community Centre in Cheltenham 10-4pm £65 plus £5 for materials. Although its a two part course you can just book one part, although its recommended you do both. The description and further details are on the 4th of May part one of the course. 

13th of July Atmospheric street scenes in watercolours with Paul Weaver at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £70.

On this workshop you will focus on techniques for simplifying buildings, adding figures to suggest scale and movement and ideas for creating mood and atmosphere, such as sunlight, shadows, rain and reflections. Material information will be available shortly 

Impressionist landscape workshop .jpg
Street scenes 2 Paul Weaver .jpg

20th of July A seascape with sunset in watercolours workshop with Nick Dawe at Highbury Church Hall in Cheltenham 10-4pm £65 to include most materials. 

Learn step by step to paint a seascape with a beautiful sunset. Suitable for all levels.

Materials are provided but please bring an apron, kitchen roll, a water pot and mixing palette. 

watercolour seascape sunset .jpg

20th of July - Mixed media with Jantien Powell 10-4pm at Highbury church hall in Cheltenham. Please note there are 2 workshops taking place at Highbury church hall on the same day, but in separate rooms.  £60

This is a fun filled mixed media day and you will create a street scene. You will be using collage materials such as tissue paper and printed papers, then layering with acrylic inks and acrylic paints. We will use mark making items such as rollers and old credit cards, and finally a small paint brush. This workshop is great for discovering the effects that can be achieved using different tools, and learning to populate your pictures. 

Materials needed:

kitchen roll, a canvas approx. 12"x16", 2B pencil, pva glue (supplied), pastel shades of tissue paper (supplied), acrylic inks in Prussian blue, magenta or pink and golden yellow. The artist uses liquitex Prussian blue, yellow orange azo and sennelier purple. These can be supplied at cost if needed. Seam rollers, small 1"wide used for wall papering, hard plastic not foam, these can be borrowed. old credit/store cards, a couple to cut up, water pots, a wide flat brush for throwing water around! Acrylic paints in various colours to include, white, black, yellow ochre, any green, blue, process magenta, turquoise and red. An old pinny and old clothes! Please note I can supply canvas and paints at a reasonable price if needed. 


Street scene mixed media .jpg

3rd of August - Summer Landscapes in Watercolour with Martin Bowden at Highbury Church Hall in Cheltenham 10-4pm £55.

You will learn to paint summer landscape's in a more impressionist style and work quickly. This is suitable for intermediate and more advanced watercolourists. 

Materials needed: A range of watercolour paints, colours will be confirmed nearer the time, A large hake brush for washes, a medium sized round brush with a good point, a no.2/3 rigger brush, either half or quarter imperial 300gsm col pressed watercolour paper, a mixing palette, a water jar and a hairdryer. Please book on the book on line page.

martin bowden - Copy (3).jpg

21st of September - Orca whale painting workshop at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £65.  You will work from the reference picture shown here, of magnificent Orcas in their natural environment. This workshop will involve many specialised techniques and colour mixing to capture these whales in an underwater situation. Suitable for watercolour of acrylic artists. Suitable for intermediate/advanced painters. Please bring what painting materials you have. A full list will be given nearer the time. 


5th of October - Colourful Autumn Landscapes in Watercolour with Paul Weaver at The Boy's Brigade in Tewkesbury 10-4pm £70.

Suitable for intermediate/advanced watercolourists. Learn to paint a autumn watercolour landscape, Paul will go through this in stages with demonstrations and individual help. Learn about the colours and light used to create this landscape. Materials to be confirmed. Please book on the book on line page. 

19th of October - Complete Beginner's acrylic painting workshop with Nick Dawe. Venue to be confirmed but will be Cheltenham or Tewkesbury, 10-4pm £65 to include materials.

You will be taken through all the basics of acrylic painting, learning how to use colour, how to mix colours and make a stay wet palette. Please book on the book on line page. 

Autumn Sunburst_Backwell Demo.jpeg

26th of October -  Willow Weaving weave a star gazing hare with Amanda Rayner at The Redding's Community Centre in Cheltenham 10-4pm £85 will include all materials 

Amanda Rayner from Wyldwoodwillow will be with us for a day of willow sculpture weaving.
You will be guided through the steps of putting together a star gazing willow hare. 
We will begin by putting together basic framework and focus on shaping during the morning then after lunch we will add the details and add the covering layers. 

willow hare workshop.JPG
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